About Me

Hello, my name is Kim.  That’s me in the white dress in the picture.  That other guy?  That’s my husband, Jeremy.   We live in Baltimore, Maryland also known as Charm City and sometimes even referred to as Bodymore, Murderland.  Take your pick. 

We’ve been married since 2007 so I can no longer claim newlywed status.  I still love most things wedding related and have strong opinions about wedding etiquette and married life (but I try to keep them to myself as much as possible… it doesn’t always happen).

These 2 ridiculously adorable creatures are our 2 miniature dachshunds, Petie and Emily.  We rescued them from a dachshund rescue and I credit them for turning me into an animal lover and a vegetarian.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that I’m a vegetarian.  No, I don’t eat seafood.  That would make me a liar.  I don’t try to shove my vegetarianism into everyone’s face and hope that people respect my moral opposition to dining on my friends.  That usually doesn’t work out for me though.

Since getting married, Jeremy and I have been figuring out what to do with ourselves so we decided to go back to school.  Jeremy is going to law school and I’m pursuing a Masters.  It’s not always easy.

We are also photography enthusiasts.  By no means are we good but we love it and always strive to improve.  If you want to check out a real photographer’s work, check out Maria Vicencio.  She’s the one that took that fantastic picture of us and she is my inspiration to become a better photographer.

This blog is just my brain dump of things I’ve been doing, things I’m obsessing over and basically just me figuring my life out.  I complain a lot too.

11 responses to “About Me

  1. Bill

    i just started reading your blog…
    I think I love you.
    Too bad your gay and I am married.

    Wait.. I got that backwords…

    I think I might love YOU!

  2. Alligator

    yes, your dogs are incredibly cute!

  3. CharmCityKim,
    I saw your Twitter page first and you being a Baltimorean/runner/vegetarian, which I am also! You seem rad and I think that I will follow you on Twitter, if that is okay with you. :] Keep up the writing.

    A fellow baltimore vegetarian! Hello!

  4. Hello! I just spotted your blog from a comment on No Meat Athlete. I read so many blogs and finally found someone from Bmore and a runner, what?! I look forward to reading, hope you’ll check out my page as well. Happy Holidays!

    Thanks for the comment! Glad to find a fellow Baltimore runner! I’ll definitely check out your page.

  5. Tauhid

    Hello from Northern Virginia here! I have to say this this is a pretty neat blog. I found it from Zeke’s couch blog and I hope to start following this blog (as well as Zeke’s and eat charm city since Baltimore is fairly close to where I’m at.)



  6. Kim – ever tried Life of Reilly on E. Fairmount? They even have an upstairs. Lovely residential neighborhood. Very nice manager (Sarah) and owner (Crosby). Just had lunch there yesterday-delicious! http://www.thelifeofreilly.com/
    The Life of Reilly – Irish Pub & Restaurant • 2031 E. Fairmount Avenue• 410-327-6425
    Depending on how many people, preferred ‘hood, etc. I certainly can offer other suggestions, too. I sell advertising for The Baltimore Guide!

    I’ve heard of this place – thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Hi Kim! Not sure if you have ever tried digital scrapbooking? I was never into scrapbooking as I wasn’t that creative but if I saw something I liked it. Heritage Makers fit me perfectly! It is done online so no mess, has templates so it is drag and drop after you find the template you like and if you buy the Premier membership $100 for the year, it is unlimited, full-size photo storage. Great for photographers!! It is also done online and then you receive your hard cover photo/story book or canvas in the mail or by courier. You should check it out!! Love your blog!!! Donna Clark

  8. Heather

    I live it Baltimore too! Looks like I am finding your blog at a mighty exciting time in your life, congrats! Can’t wait to read more.

  9. Okay, I seriously love your blog!

    Congrats on your little bundle of cuteness and your photos make you look like ROCKSTARS!

  10. penny

    before i went to paris a couple of weeks ago, i read your blog/saw your photos. because of you i had the BEST banana/chocolate crepe i’ve ever had ! (and it did make me feel kinda drunk!)

  11. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I was wondering about having you on my blog as a guest post. I am a mom of 3 kids in Baltimore and love our city. I’d really love to have you as a “cooking” guest and ask you to teach us some yummy vegetarian meals! Thanks for considering this 🙂 Stephanie citycharmer(dot)com

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