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4 Years (And in that time we made a baby!)

Tomorrow is my 4 year wedding anniversary.  Holy cannoli!  I wish I could say that my wedding feels like it was yesterday but honestly – I sort of don’t remember much about the day anymore.  Perhaps that is what having a baby does?  My brain can only hold so many memories.

4 Years ago tomorrow, I was doing this…

and then some of this…

and then some of this…

And in those 4 years, we’ve traveled to some great places like…

The Maldives (our honeymoon)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Scotland (where I got to drive on the opposite side of the road… and we lived to tell the tale):

The Tower Bridge in London

London and Paris 2009 479

And some other places (Turks and Caicos, The Outer Banks 4 times! and I’m sure I’m forgetting something because I forget everything these days…)

While I loved all of the places we’ve been and can’t wait for all the places we’ll go, our biggest adventure to date (cue sappy music) was having a baby…
Still can't believe we're parents
Annmarie - just a few hours old

and watching her grow and change everyday (this photo was taken on Sunday… can you believe she’s gone from the picture above to this?!  she’s frickin’ huge and adorable!)
Annmarie 039

(okay – sappiness over!)



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Some highlights from my anniversary

One good thing came out of the Snowstorm of the Century that hit Baltimore in February.  It cancelled Jeremy’s class last night so we COULD go to dinner!  Although one consequence is that he has a final exam on SATURDAY NIGHT.  Ew.

I came home from work to this:

Photo of my anniversary flowers

Flowers, sour patch candy and toblerone. Perfect.

And I loved his card:

A photo of my anniversary card (front)

I'm a sucker for a picture of dogs.


A photo of my anniversary card (inside)

This is funny because it is SO true... and it happens both ways.

Anywho – as much crap as I give my husband about not being very romantic (not that I ooze romantic myself), I have to give him credit on being creative and thoughtful.

For our first anniversary, he instituted a tradition.  The tradition goes as follows:

  • bake a specific cake.  Jeremy invented his OWN cake recipe.  Granted it is comprised of pieces from different cake recipes but still.  If I tried to invent my own cake recipe, it would taste like poop.  This cake tastes like magic.  It’s a cake with chocolate chips, a raspberry filling and a magical chocolate and fluffy buttercream frosting.
  • drink a bottle of wine.  This is not just any wine.  Jeremy, one our one year anniversary, picked up a case of a pinot noir.  So every year, we drink a bottle of the same type of wine (all purchased in 2008) and take note of how the wine has changed each year.
  • Write in journal.  This journal was intended to write about how the wine has changed but I thought it was boring.  So on top of the wine notes, we write down what we did to celebrate our anniversary and then highlights from the year.  It sounds corny but it was kind of cool to read how we celebrated last year (apparently the weekend was filled with a friend’s wedding and taking Petie to the vet).

Well, we did all of those things and we also dined at The Dogwood.  Last year we went to Ixia and LOVED it.  We had even deemed it our anniversary restaurant but sadly it closed down.  Apparently we should have deemed it our “let’s go all the time” restaurant to help it stay afloat.

For gifts we opted to register for a Motorcycle Basic Rider Safety course.  That’s right – we’re learning how to ride motorcycles (and potentially get licensed).  Unfortunately these courses are crazy popular so we won’t be attending until August.  And if you follow the traditional wedding gifts by year – year 3 is leather.  I guess motorcycles are kind of related to leather, right?

I’ll blog about The Dogwood tomorrow.  It was awesome.


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3 Years

3 Years ago today, I married a man that…

  • Makes me laugh nearly every day
  • Takes care of the crap I don’t want to take care of… like finances and vacation booking
  • Converted to a vegetarian diet because I was such a nut about animal welfare
  • Puts up with my crazy
  • Is able to cook ridiculously delicious meals
  • Supports me in all of my decisions including (but not limited to):
    • Triathlon – getting up at the butt crack of dawn and hanging around ALL day to snap pictures and cheer me on
    • Marathon – cooking pancakes for me after my long training runs, calming me when I cried through my injury and running all over Philly to make sure he caught up with me on the course
  • Is good at everything he does – like running a half marathon without any training and still running it faster than I could ever hope to run it
  • Still loves me even when I vomit all over his car and on our bedroom floor after a night of binge drinking

Okay – the list could go ON and ON and ON… but these were the highlights from the last year.

While sometimes I feel like time is flying by – I’m feeling more and more like “we’ve only been married for 3 years?”  And I don’t mean that in a negative way – I mean that in the “I feel like I’ve been with you my entire life” love kind of way.

Happy anniversary!

A photo from my wedding


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Inked Love

Okay – so the jig is up.  I’m finally going to post about something that I avoided posting about only in the small chance any family members read my blog.

I got a tattoo.  I realize that in this day and age, getting inked is not all that scandalous but believe me, my mom is PISSED at me.

I got a tattoo in May 2009 for my 2 year wedding anniversary.  Ink is much more permanent than cotton but what can I say?  It is something I wanted to do.

Jeremy and I talked about getting ring finger tattoos. 

You’re probably shaking her head right now but please erase the image of Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee out of your head!  We weren’t about to go that route.

As much as I love my husband (and he loves me) – we knew better than to tattoo either of our names, our wedding date or anything specific to one of us on ourselves.  That just has “jinx” written all over it.

Instead, I suggested getting the Korean characters for “love”.

Puke, I know.  But to me, the ring finger generally symbolizes where you subtley pronounce your love to the world.  Why not ink it?

However, Jeremy and I suffer from what I like to call, “Montogomery Burns’ fingers” syndrome.  Basically, we have ridiculously thin & long fingers. 

We went to the tattoo shop and I showed the guy the Korean characters.  He looked at my Monty Burns’ fingers and said, “that’s not possible.”  (or something like that)  He explained the difficulty with hand tattoos in general (the skin is more delicate) and how doing anything with a degree of detail (like the Korean characters) just wouldn’t work on such a small space.

But dammit, I was there and I wanted something.  So I went with a small heart.  (did you just gag a little?)

As soon as I committed to getting a heart, Jeremy quickly responded, “I am NOT getting a heart tattoo.”  Fair enough.

So here it is.

I didn’t have my ring with me when I got the tattoo so I guessed where I thought my ring sat on my finger.  I wanted the tattoo as a reminder to me (it still makes me smile) but didn’t necessarily want everyone to see it.  Clearly – I was wrong about the placement.


I’m bringing this up now because it seems like a lot of people are noticing it lately.  I get a lot of double takes.  Geoff thought it was a mole.  A few others thought it was a scab. 

Nope – just a heart.

(And if you’re wondering – Jeremy does not have a ring finger tattoo and I’m not mad about it!  I love my little heart tattoo.)


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5 Years Ago

… the magic began.  What magic?  The magic between me and Jeremy.  Ha!  It seems kind of crazy that we’ve been married for half of that time.  To some, it seems like we kind of jumped right into a lifetime committment but to us it just made sense.

So let me set the scene of our magic making.  A week prior, I had laid the ground work unknowingly.  I had my eye on Jeremy for a bit (especially when I heard he was a good smoocher from another friend… and yes, he made out with a friend of mine.  And no, it’s actually not weird at all – it’s hilarious!). 

So how did I unknowingly lay the ground work?  I got completely drunk and made an ass out of myself.  I think this just proves that I am an adorably drunk (and not the annoying drunk who vomits all over the side of her husband’s car after a wedding.  Oh wait – I am.  I guess that’s what getting married does to a gal).

I spent the week scheming on how I was going to hook Jeremy.  I deemed him my pet project.

Jeremy apparently declared that he was going to pursue me.

We made plans (group plans) to hit up some absurd happy hour at a bar in Canton ($1 Miller Lites!).  We stuck around well past our friends and even ducked into a dive bar for a bit.  And then the awkward invite into my house.

I think I might have said something along the lines of hating my roommate’s cat and that it puked in my room.  I said it left a stain on my carpet and did he want to see it.  I’ve got some sweet moves.

And after an all night smooch-fest, I took him home the next morning and high-fived him goodbye.  To say it was awkward is an understatement.

But here we are five years later… sitting on the sofa, watching a DVR’ed “Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and chowing down on a fabulous vegan mexican chocolate cake that I made.


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2 Years Ago Today

… I married the guy that I deemed my “pet project” years earlier, that I awkwardly flirted with to grab his attention and that I lured to my house with the promise of viewing an “awesome cat puke stain” on my bedroom carpet.  Clearly – he was into me despite my craziness.

We have been married for 2 years and holy cow – time flies.  We’ve been together for almost 4 1/2 years now.  We’ve lived in our house for almost 4 years (yes, do the math.  We moved very quickly).  We’ve had our dogs for 3 1/2 years.  But seriously – married for 2? 

Unfortunately we aren’t doing anything big to celebrate aside from going out to dinner.  I had to work, Jeremy has to study for finals and well, we just dropped $450 on vet bills for our dogs (btw – Petie strained a muscle!  poor guy).

Anywho – I’m taking this opportunity to post a pic from the wedding.  Yippee!

Technically we weren’t married yet (we did pics before the wedding) but it’s still my favorite of the bunch. 

Happy anniversary, Jeremy!


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