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She Loves Food: An Update on AM

This post is all about Annmarie. You’ve been warned. If you don’t care about her developmental progress, feel free to close the browser. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings. This really is for the handful of people that don’t get to see Annmarie and maybe want to know how she’s doing.

Babbling brook

Annmarie really is a babbler. While the things she says sound like “mama” and “dada” and “yaya” and whatever – I really don’t think she is attributing any of that to any particular thing. It seems like she calls me and Jeremy “mama” and “dada” both but she also seems to refer to the dogs the same way… and anything else for that matter.

I’ve been told that her cousin who is 2 weeks older is already saying “ball” and “dog” (and apparently is using them correctly).

The other child at daycare who is the SAME EXACT AGE is saying “bye bye”.

I know you’re not supposed to compare but it is hard not to sometimes. The only thing she consistently says is “yeah?” She points or motions towards something and says, “yeah?” This means she wants whatever she’s pointing to (and it is the cutest thing ever thankyouverymuch… unless she KEEPS DOING IT and you have no idea what she’s pointing towards OR she’s constantly pointing towards a bunch of sharp knives).

Recently she has started to do something new when you try to hand her what you think she is motioning towards and it isn’t what she wants:

It cracks me up. Her throwing her face away from the object seems sort of dramatic. I love it. The video was short because she never seems to do stuff on camera. And I knew if I kept pushing my luck with her turning her head, she’d start screaming or slapping the object away (another sometimes funny thing I think she does).

Lately, Jeremy and I have been loudly pronouncing the name of the object we’re handing her. “You want the BALL? THE BALL? You want the BALL?” Sometimes I feel like we treat her like one of the dogs.


I’ve admitted that I’m still breastfeeding (twice a day) previously and am now admitting that I am STILL doing it. Although I think I’m going to cut out the first morning session. I think by continuing to breastfeed, it’ll make it more difficult to get her away from her bottles and pacifier. But I don’t know if that’s true. Her pediatrician told us we needed to start weaning her off of the bottle but that we didn’t need to wean her from her pacifier until around 18 months (because we’d be taking away other comforts like a bottle and my boobs between 12 – 18 months).

I’ve noticed that she is starting to drink her milk from sippy cups. Granted, we only give her some milk in sippy cups when we want to tide her over quickly but this seems to be some steps in the right direction since previously she would take a sip from her sippy cup and if milk was in there, she’d throw the cup across the room.

Hungry Hippo

Our daycare provider said it best, “She loves food.” Seriously. This girl has an appetite like no other. I honestly wonder how she is able to fit this food into her body. That video posted above? That is the scene every day I pick her up from daycare. As soon as we get in the house, she toddles into the kitchen and starts saying, “yeah?”

Anytime you eat something, she walks over with her mouth wide open. Jeremy and I sometimes take turns eating meals so that one of us can distract her while the other one scarfs down their food. I worry that we’ve formed some bad habits in that we will always give her a piece of whatever we’re eating (and this leads me back to how I sometimes feel like we’ve turned her into one of the dogs begging for food).

She’s reached a point where she prefers to feed herself (although not with any sort of utensil). She’ll allow being spoon fed yogurt but if it is a finger-type food, she won’t take it if you try to put it directly in her mouth. This has actually made my life somewhat easier in the evenings because I’m able to put her in her high chair, place her dinner (noodles or cut up pieces of something) onto her tray, and wash her bottles, food containers, etc.

5pm (dinnertime) - Day 6
I’m not sure how to introduce utensils. She likes to put spoons in her mouth but with nothing on them.

And just because…

This picture makes me laugh.
Like father like daughter


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Feeling Like a Hoarder (How Baby Stuff Has Taken Over My House)

When I used to watch shows on HGTV where families would get rooms that had been cluttered with kid stuff made over, I would scoff at how ridiculous they were. How could they allow so much junk to accumulate? And how could they just leave it lying around like that?

I’m now eating my words. Annmarie is only (almost!) 2 months old, and I feel like our house has been overrun with baby stuff.

She’s been more awake and alert this last week. During these alert times, I read that I’m supposed to engage her in conversation, play, music, etc. I had to laugh when I took a look at my living room and saw this:

A photo of my living room filled with baby junk

What is NOT pictured is the super deluxe pack-n-play (it has a changing table and bassinet) and the car seat positioned appropriately in front of my wine cabinet.

I still don’t know quite how to “play” with an infant. I usually just chat about random stuff. But I have found that she seems to like jamming to some tunes. I don’t really know any children’s songs so I’ve taken to my iPod. Each day, I’ve noticed that I focus on one artist (whoever’s song happens to be in my head that day). The other day it was Billy Joel. Another day it was The Beatles. Yesterday it was The Carpenters.

a photo of my iPod

I had “Close to You” stuck in my head but noticed that I didn’t actually have The Carpenters’ version of it. But I DID have The Cranberries’ version of it (from the fantastic “If I Were a Carpenter” album).

This is my life now. And while the stuff is driving me kind of crazy – a part of me doesn’t want Annmarie to get any bigger. She’s recently outgrown all of her newborn clothing (my mom reprimanded me yesterday for “squeezing” her into newborn stuff) and I got a little sad about it. I am now THAT mom (actually – I realized that I am like MY mom…).

I’m also finding that I miss being pregnant. How crazy is that? I should just go back and read through all my recaps of the aches and pains. People weren’t kidding when they said you tend to forget the bad stuff that comes with pregnancy and delivery (and aftermath!). I watched a blogger’s video recap on her birth and actually cried. Someone needs to punch me in the face! I don’t want to be emotional, weepy mom. I want to be laid-back, bad-ass, listens to awesome NON-kid music mom.


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You Suck, Babies R Us

There’s nothing I hate more than bad customer service.  I have worked in a customer-service oriented position before (granted it was high school but I totally respect retail jobs at the mall!) so I feel like I have the right to expect a certain level of service.  I am not a high-maintenance customer by any means.  In fact, I’m usually quite pleasant and don’t ask for much.  What I expect, however, is GOOD customer service… and with a good attitude!

Living in the Baltimore Metropolitan area – I’m pretty much stuck with a small variety of “baby” superstores… most notably, the loathsome Babies R Us.  While I love Target, their baby section is quite small and I feared that only registering there would leave me without a lot of variety (plus it seems most of the stuff has to be purchased online).  So we were stuck.

My experience with Babies R Us has been hit or miss so far.  The closest BRU to us is located in an area where I grew up.  And let’s just say that the store is always packed with potential castmates of “Teen Mom” (but only the trashiest of the bunch). 

I have returned a few items to BRU and that customer service has been fantastic.  The ladies at that customer service desk have always helped me and one even cut me a break when I returned something because I forgot I had a coupon for it at home (technically you can’t get cash back on previous purchases but she was super nice and let me get it anyways).

However, if I need anything else… like help on the floor of the store, I’m usually shit out of luck.  The staff seem to hate life and most of them don’t seem to know shit about the products.  It is bad enough that as soon as you tag something as being baby-related, the price seems to jump up exponentially, but when I have to deal with turds – well, now you’re just asking for too much, BRU.

So anyways, this last week has sent me over the edge in terms of loathing BRU and I thought I’d share what they’ve done to piss me off just because I like to complain.  🙂

The Glider Debacle

We need a glider.  Well – we’re told by EVERYONE that we need a glider.  I noticed that BRU was having a “sale” on gliders that ended on 12/24.  We’re not crazy about most of the gliders we’ve seen at the store because they’re ugly (you know they are!) and they’re ridiculously overpriced.  We both decided that if we were to purchase a glider, we’d get one of the fully upholstered ones (which means they cost SO MUCH MORE). 

There is another baby superstore in Maryland (Buy Buy Baby) that is awesome and their selection rocks.  Jeremy wanted to check them out before we made a purchase a BRU just to make sure there wasn’t something better.  Well there was.  There were quite a few better things but they came with a hefty price tag ($600) that I just couldn’t justify.

So we settled on BRU.  We went on Christmas Eve with the intent of purchasing a chair on sale.  Of course there was nobody in the section to help us so we had to go have someone paged.  We settled on a chair.  The floor model was in a dark brown color but it had different color swatches attached to the chair.  We decided on a “buckwheat” color. 

When we asked the BRU staffer about ordering the chair in buckwheat, she pointed out that it would have been a “special order”.  Special orders take approximately 12 weeks to process.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Are they chopping down the tree to widdle the frame of the chair?  Are they sitting at a loom to make the upholstery fabric?  That is fucking ridiculous.

Then she said that if it was online, we could just order it directly.  Now tell me how that makes sense.  If it is online, doesn’t that mean that the chair IS IN STOCK?   Well it WAS online but instead of going ahead and ordering it for us, she told us to go home and do it.  Fuck you very much, BRU.  Anywho – here’s the chair we ordered:

(and no – we did not pay full price for it!  but let me just say that their “free shipping’ advertisement on their site is a big fucking fat lie.  It means you get $20 off of shipping & handling.  Seriously?!  Fuck you again, BRU)

The Price Jump

We also registered with Amazon because Amazon is awesome.  We didn’t get much from that registry mostly because it entails ordering things online and I think most people shy away from that. 

I am a part of Amazon Mom because you can get some great benefits (like free shipping on baby items!) depending on your activity.  But I also get e-mails about sales.  I received an e-mail about a sale on baby swings so I clicked the link and saw the swing that we registered for at BRU.

At BRU, the swing costs $159.99.  We noticed it on sale at Target for roughly $130.  But I figured we’d go back to BRU and purchase the swing witha 20% off coupon so it would end up being slightly cheaper.

But then I saw that same swing on Amazon for $103.95!!  What the fuck?!  It is one thing for BRU to upcharge by $20-30 but this is a near $60 difference.  AND I actually get free shipping with Amazon as opposed to a falsely advertised free shipping deal. 

So we bought it from Amazon and it’ll be here tomorrow.

Wow – this post was really long.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


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Blank canvas (How I Feel Completely Overwhelmed When it Comes to Decorating the Nursery)

As I mentioned the other day, we had some professional painters come to our house to paint our bedroom, the bathroom and the future nursery.  We’ve hired these guys before and they did a phenomenal job with our hallway so it was a no-brainer to hire them again for the rooms.  As I have gotten older, I’ve learned that there are a few things that I’ll willing to pay money for and painting is one of them.  I loathe painting.

I spent the first half of the day hiding in my basement like a weenie because I didn’t want to seem like I was bothering the painters… the painters that I was paying.  The really awful part was the fact that I spent a good chunk of the day completely dehydrated because I didn’t want to have to pee.  We only have 1 bathroom and I didn’t want to go upstairs.  It wasn’t a good day.

I’ll post before and after pictures of the paint but just know that these guys did a kick-ass job.  Not only did they caulk, spackle and sand the walls (on top of what Jeremy had already done), they banged out the job in 8 hours and it would have easily taken me & Jeremy a month to complete. 

We’re having our carpets cleaned this weekend and then we’re officially in reorganizing/redecorating our room and decorating the nursery mode.

The nursery is blue with white trim.  I love white trim.  I don’t understand off-white trim.  White trim just looks so clean and crisp.  Because I love how light and airy the room now feels, we also wanted to go with white furniture.  We have SO MUCH dark wood furniture in our house that we really need to lighten things up in the rooms.

I think we’re going with this crib:

It has a matching dresser/changing table but we’re not going to get it… mostly because it has more dark wood features and it costs more than the damn crib.  Seriously – just slap the word “baby” in front of furniture and it automatically increases the price by a few hundred dollars.  I don’t understand it.  Babies are small and don’t need furniture!

I’ve recently become obsessed with Owls.  I know that it is becoming a trendy nursery theme but I don’t care.  They are so cute and it all stemmed from this bedding:

Anyways – I’ve been scouring Etsy for some great nursery art and am completely overwhelmed by the fantastic selections.  I wish you could set up a registry on Etsy!

I stumbled across this Etsy shop and pretty much want to buy every print.

Like this one

And this one

But then I’m also in love with this print:

It manages to tie my love of French with a cute baby theme.  I realize these aren’t owls and that’s probably a good thing.

I also love this:

And being the dachshund lover that I am, I couldn’t resist this:

I am seriously overwhelmed.  I want to cover every square inch of the walls with cute prints!  We still haven’t even 100% determined the furniture or the layout. 

Anyways – I figured blogging out my new obsession might help to get it out of my system.  Are there any fantastic prints you want to share?


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My Not Fun Registering Experience

I remember registering for my wedding a few years ago and it was fun.  A lot of fun.  At one place, we even got to enjoy champagne while registering.

Registering for your first baby at a baby superstore (Babies R Us) is the opposite of fun.  It sucks.  It sucks balls.

Unfortunately for us, Babies R Us is the only big baby retailer near us.  I loathe this store.  The tons of baby showers I’ve attended and my experience in picking up a shower present have made me hate Babies R Us.  There is JUST SO MUCH STUFF and I feel like it is everywhere. 

However, while we had a small window of free time between Jeremy’s studies, our house work and whatever else we’ll be doing over the next couple of weekends to get our house in shape – I wanted to register.  I figured the process would take under an hour.

We arrived at BRU around 7pm on a Saturday night.  Yes, this is how we spent our Saturday evening.  Don’t be jealous.  We had just purchased a BOB Revolution stroller from REI (they were having a 15% BOB strollers sale and I had given up on trying to find a used one on Craigslist.  Seriously – those things are like GOLD on there.  I contacted a women like 25 minutes after she posted her Bob stroller and someone had already reached out to her!  Crazy.  But I digress…).

I was surprised to see 2 couples ahead of us chatting with the employee manning the registration desk.  Seriously?  It is a Saturday night.  We waited for about 10 minutes and then it was our turn.  The employee was super nice but I think BRU is running a scheme on parents-to-be.  They hand you a “checklist” of must-have baby items and it is INSANE.

There are items on there that you will not be needing for a few months, maybe even a year.  I live in a shoebox!  My space is limited and precious.

Jeremy and I approached registering with the “less is more” approach.  We just wanted the basics.  We weren’t going to be dazzled by the crap.  But holy fuck – when you walk up and down the aisles, it is hard to keep your thoughts straight.

How many receiving blankets do you need?  How many crib sheets?  What about bottles?  Everyone registers for those Sleep Sacks so clearly we need one.  Or two?  I don’t know!  And swaddle stuff.  What swing is worth it?  What playpen?  AAAAHHHHHH!  I almost had a breakdown a few times.

Still – I thought we did a decent job.  We turned in our registry gun at the same time as another girl (whose family seriously smelled like they had been chain smoking for the last 20 years in a broken down car or something… I could smell them a few aisles over and always had to walk away). 

The registry employee looked as us and said, “you have 84 items” and then looked at the other girl and said, “wow – you guys have 165 items!”  Who needs 165 things?!

I’ve since gone back through our registry to add some things and change some things based on reviews in Baby Bargains, online and through friends.

We don’t have a “theme” to the nursery.  And while we know we’re having a baby girl – we both tend to be drawn to the neutral stuff… or the blue stuff.  Can I just say that I hate that blue = boy.  I like blue.  Last I checked, I had a vagina. 

If I had to do this all over again, I don’t know how I’d do it differently.  I think, as a store, I’d offer treats to the pregnant ladies to make their experience more enjoyable.  Instead I was offered printed cards that I could hand out to friends & family indicating where I registered.  Really, BRU?  While I guffawed at that, the couple ahead of us asked for 15 sheets (there were 16 cards per sheet).  WTF?  I need friends like that.  But seriously – that seems a bit douchey, no?  Handing out a bunch of cards to your friends & family and saying, “here – buy me stuff… but this time I won’t be paying for a large catered party with an open bar”.

I also registered on Amazon.com as well because they carried some stuff that I love but that was not available at BRU.  Online registering is awesome but I know the chances of getting a gift via Amazon are pretty slim.  However, I use Amazon wish lists to keep track of things I read about that I want to check out later.  My wish list is full of books and music.  Anywho…

For any parents out there – any “must have” items that you suggest I should add?  Any nonsense items that most rookies as for (and receive) but never use?


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