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I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills (Daycares are crazy expensive)

It feels a bit silly to be visiting daycares when I don’t actually have an infant to put into one but I have recently found that you need to lock this shit down early!  We’ve visited and called 5 daycares (a mix of in-home and centers) and most of them are booked already for May 2011!  What the hell?  Do women secure this once they see a positive pregnancy test or something?

While I realize the care of your child should be priceless… I can’t get over how much some of these centers are charging in the city.  It is truly mind-bottling (what movie, guys?).

The first sort of center we visited is located right in our neighborhood.  It is run out of a rowhome but the entire house is devoted to being a daycare center.  The woman who runs it is an old Greek woman and she reminds me of some of my Korean relatives.  They provide diapers and she cooks lunches from scratch!  While the place is a little older and somewhat run-down, we LOVE this place.  They follow some sort of curriculum and the kids are obviously well loved and taken care of here.  They’re charging $250/week.  And they are just a hop, skip and a jump away from us! 

Unfortunately – they don’t have any openings in the Spring of 2011.  She said they’ve put in the paperwork to open up a second facility (still in the neighborhood but in a new building that was constructed).  Fingers crossed that somehow this place works out for us because IT IS PERFECT.

We then checked out a place a little further down the street.  I knew from the get go that this was a more yuppie establishment.  They’re located in an office building and have significantly more space than the first place we visited.  But we were shocked to learned that they charge $367/week and that doesn’t include ANYTHING!  We have to bring our own diapers, wipes, LUNCHES, and the other typical things like clothes and sheets.  I couldn’t believe they didn’t even provide lunch!  AND – we’re still responsible for paying that amount even if they unexpectedly close down one day (snow day).  Their waiting list is also long but we know that if we don’t get on it – we risk not having ANY care setup. 

We checked out a place today that we also knew would be super yuppie.  It is brand new (in fact, the place is still being constructed).  But it was nearly the same deal as the 2nd place we visited.  They don’t provide anything and yet the fee is nearly $1700/month. 

Holy cannoli.  We just reached out to 2 in-home daycares recommended by some parents on the parenting listserv I subscribe to in my area.  One came highly recommended and was also a perfect location.  Unfortunately – they won’t have any infant openings in the Spring.  The other place that we will be visiting next week has an opening in June (so I’d have to figure out child care for a few weeks since I’m supposed to return to work the 2nd week of May).

OY!  This is really stressing me out.  I’ve realized the real money is in owning and running a daycare center in a city chock full of yuppies!  I mean, the 3rd daycare center we visited was an open house and some of the parents didn’t even bat an eye at the fee and how nothing was really provided for that amount of money.

Sorry for the bitchfest – I just can’t get over these costs.  I always knew it was pricey but I wasn’t expecting to be paying a second mortgage!

On another note – please send some positive thoughts to my pal Kt.  If you follow her blog at all, you know that her daughter (4 months old) has a rare Urea Cycle Disorder.  Today she is undergoing a liver transplant… and the donor is Kt’s husband / Luca’s father!  I can’t imagine having the 2 people that pretty much make up my world in that type of situation and I commend her for the strength that she’s shown through this whole thing.  Both baby and dad are in surgery now.


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