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Quick update on why I’ve been MIA

To my 4 readers out there – I’m giving you a quick update on why I’ve been MIA lately.  If you’re a reader that also happens to follow me on Twitter, this will probably be more of the follow-up you’re looking for.

Last week I tweeted that my dad had a heart attack.

Well, he didn’t.  All signs pointed to heart attack but it turned out that his heart medication had turned toxic and caused his heart rate to drop dangerously low.

The docs ran a series of tests to try to rule out other major issues because my dad was showing a lot of symptoms outside of the low heart rate.

The last hypothesis was that he had an obstruction in his esophagus that made eating/drinking very difficult (and reached a point where it was nearly impossible in the hospital).  He was severely dehydrated and his kidneys were starting to shut down.  His body wasn’t properly digesting his heart medication and that is why it turned toxic.

He spent several days in the hospital with NO food or drink.  He eventually got an IV nutrient line on Saturday night (after having NO food since Tuesday).

In that time, I learned what type of underwear my dad wears since I was requested to go buy him some.  Actually, my mom requested that I take him some of Jeremy’s underwear… and that was a line that I was not willing to cross.

He got an endoscopy yesterday to determine the cause of the obstruction.

And he checked himself out of the hospital last night against medical advice.  According to my dad – he was “fixed”.  They cleared the obstruction and, according to him, were just trying to bleed his insurance company dry. 

According to the nurses on duty, they hadn’t received the results of the endoscopy and my dad is in a fragile state.  He has an aneurysm in his heart (we’ve known about this) and given what his body has been through lately – he really should go to a hospital for monitoring. 

So – that’s what’s going on with me with now.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve noticed some early signs of Alzheimer’s in my dad that I truly hope were just related to being deliriously starved and rundown.  He seemed to forget how long he was in the hospital.  He asked the same questions repeatedly (and not because he was demanding answers that weren’t getting answered… because he truly forgot he asked in the first place).

Unrelated to my dad’s hospital stint – Petie now has a severe respitory infection and someone a-hole hit Jeremy’s parked car ($1300 worth of damage!). 

Sorry to get all Debbie Downer on you guys – but I didn’t want to leave people hanging.

I’m in desperate need of a good laugh or two – so please share some funny stories with me!


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More Bad Customer Service

I don’t know if I’m just more “emotional” as I near the end of this pregnancy… but I feel like I’ve been dealt nothing but shitty customer service lately (most notably from BABIES R US).  This is a continuation of the great glider debacle

We ordered the chair assuming that the people delivering the chair would bring it into our house.  You know – since we’re ordering from a company that is supposed to cater to moms-to-be.  Is it crazy to assume that?

Tracking this damn chair was a nightmare.  We received a notice that the chair had shipped (through a shipping company called DB Schenker).  However, the only info they had posted on their site was “Received from Van Nuys, CA” and “Shipped from Van Nuys, CA”.  That was the status for about a week.

I was concerned about when they would deliver the glider.  Obviously a glider isn’t something they can leave at your front door not signed for so I e-mailed BRU to inquire about the process.  Would they ship to a local BRU who would then deliver it to us?  Would someone be contacting us about a delivery date?

BRU stated that they would make a first attempt at delivery and then if we weren’t home, they’d leave a note to set up a time.  Now tell me how that makes any sense.

So we contacted DB Schenker.  The rep said they had no record of ever RECEIVING the chair. 

So we called BRU and they said that DB Schenker is notorious for not having updated systems.

And blah blah blah, right?  This back and forth between the 2 companies was pissing me off.

The next day, we received a phone call that DB Schenker was going to deliver the chair and they wanted to set up a date.  I checked the online tracker and wouldn’t you know… it was completely updated.

We picked this afternoon (so I worked from home).

The guy came buy and said, “the box is really big.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to get it through the door.  So I’ll just leave it in front of your house.”

Um, what?  I asked, “aren’t you going to bring it into my house?”  And he told me that it was “curb-side” delivery ONLY and that he was not “allowed” in my house.  But the real topper was his next comment, “The box is pretty light.  I’m sure you can carry it in yourself.”

I am 8 months pregnant, mother fucker!  Are  you kidding me?

So I begged.  I said, “listen – I’m stuck.  If I open the box, could you at least get it through my front door?  You don’t have to do anything else.  I just can’t leave it out here and my husband won’t be home for a few hours.” 

We opened the box and he assessed that the chair would fit through the door but reiterated that he really wasn’t allowed to come into my house.  He also noted that the chair was very light in color and his hands were filthy.  Basically – he didn’t want to be held responsible for any damages to the chair and I can respect that.  BUT WHAT COMPANY DOES NOT DELIVERY FURNITURE INTO SOMEONE’S HOME?  ESPECIALLY A COMPANY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO CATER TO PREGNANT WOMEN AND MOTHERS?!

Luckily my neighbor was home and I asked if he would mind just getting it through my front door.  Here is an instance where I don’t loathe my neighbor.  This guy is actually pretty nice (he’s new).  So here it is… in my living room:

Have I mentioned that I hate Babies R Us?


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You Suck, Babies R Us

There’s nothing I hate more than bad customer service.  I have worked in a customer-service oriented position before (granted it was high school but I totally respect retail jobs at the mall!) so I feel like I have the right to expect a certain level of service.  I am not a high-maintenance customer by any means.  In fact, I’m usually quite pleasant and don’t ask for much.  What I expect, however, is GOOD customer service… and with a good attitude!

Living in the Baltimore Metropolitan area – I’m pretty much stuck with a small variety of “baby” superstores… most notably, the loathsome Babies R Us.  While I love Target, their baby section is quite small and I feared that only registering there would leave me without a lot of variety (plus it seems most of the stuff has to be purchased online).  So we were stuck.

My experience with Babies R Us has been hit or miss so far.  The closest BRU to us is located in an area where I grew up.  And let’s just say that the store is always packed with potential castmates of “Teen Mom” (but only the trashiest of the bunch). 

I have returned a few items to BRU and that customer service has been fantastic.  The ladies at that customer service desk have always helped me and one even cut me a break when I returned something because I forgot I had a coupon for it at home (technically you can’t get cash back on previous purchases but she was super nice and let me get it anyways).

However, if I need anything else… like help on the floor of the store, I’m usually shit out of luck.  The staff seem to hate life and most of them don’t seem to know shit about the products.  It is bad enough that as soon as you tag something as being baby-related, the price seems to jump up exponentially, but when I have to deal with turds – well, now you’re just asking for too much, BRU.

So anyways, this last week has sent me over the edge in terms of loathing BRU and I thought I’d share what they’ve done to piss me off just because I like to complain.  🙂

The Glider Debacle

We need a glider.  Well – we’re told by EVERYONE that we need a glider.  I noticed that BRU was having a “sale” on gliders that ended on 12/24.  We’re not crazy about most of the gliders we’ve seen at the store because they’re ugly (you know they are!) and they’re ridiculously overpriced.  We both decided that if we were to purchase a glider, we’d get one of the fully upholstered ones (which means they cost SO MUCH MORE). 

There is another baby superstore in Maryland (Buy Buy Baby) that is awesome and their selection rocks.  Jeremy wanted to check them out before we made a purchase a BRU just to make sure there wasn’t something better.  Well there was.  There were quite a few better things but they came with a hefty price tag ($600) that I just couldn’t justify.

So we settled on BRU.  We went on Christmas Eve with the intent of purchasing a chair on sale.  Of course there was nobody in the section to help us so we had to go have someone paged.  We settled on a chair.  The floor model was in a dark brown color but it had different color swatches attached to the chair.  We decided on a “buckwheat” color. 

When we asked the BRU staffer about ordering the chair in buckwheat, she pointed out that it would have been a “special order”.  Special orders take approximately 12 weeks to process.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Are they chopping down the tree to widdle the frame of the chair?  Are they sitting at a loom to make the upholstery fabric?  That is fucking ridiculous.

Then she said that if it was online, we could just order it directly.  Now tell me how that makes sense.  If it is online, doesn’t that mean that the chair IS IN STOCK?   Well it WAS online but instead of going ahead and ordering it for us, she told us to go home and do it.  Fuck you very much, BRU.  Anywho – here’s the chair we ordered:

(and no – we did not pay full price for it!  but let me just say that their “free shipping’ advertisement on their site is a big fucking fat lie.  It means you get $20 off of shipping & handling.  Seriously?!  Fuck you again, BRU)

The Price Jump

We also registered with Amazon because Amazon is awesome.  We didn’t get much from that registry mostly because it entails ordering things online and I think most people shy away from that. 

I am a part of Amazon Mom because you can get some great benefits (like free shipping on baby items!) depending on your activity.  But I also get e-mails about sales.  I received an e-mail about a sale on baby swings so I clicked the link and saw the swing that we registered for at BRU.

At BRU, the swing costs $159.99.  We noticed it on sale at Target for roughly $130.  But I figured we’d go back to BRU and purchase the swing witha 20% off coupon so it would end up being slightly cheaper.

But then I saw that same swing on Amazon for $103.95!!  What the fuck?!  It is one thing for BRU to upcharge by $20-30 but this is a near $60 difference.  AND I actually get free shipping with Amazon as opposed to a falsely advertised free shipping deal. 

So we bought it from Amazon and it’ll be here tomorrow.

Wow – this post was really long.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


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Needing Some R & R

Lately I’ve been working myself up into a giant ball of stress and insanity.  I’ve been getting extraordinarily upset over things that I have no control over and I really need to fucking stop.

I actually called Jeremy yesterday in tears.  Did I mention I was at work?  Ugh.

I was supposed to run a 5 mile race with my old college roomie (which I should probably stop saying since we haven’t been roommates in about 8 years but that’s how I’ll always refer to her).  I really wanted to do this but…

(1) I forgot that the race was THIS Saturday (I definitely thought it was after St. Patty’s Day) so I am not really prepared. 

(2) Being unprepared scares me because I don’t want to re-injure myself.  I’ve been easing myself back into running post-marathon/ITBS so I haven’t run on pavement yet.  I’m still very scared.

(3) I’ve been a giant bundle of crazy this week and could really use the extra day to try to find some peace.

I tend to stress over things that I can’t change or control.  I really should take a page out of the AA handbook and recite the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things that I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.

And no, I’m not an addict but I think these words can apply to my life.

This weekend I plan to RELAX.  I think I need some serious retail therapy (any takers?), a good book (currently reading Craig Ferguson’s “American on Purpose” — I frickin’ love this man) and a lot of sleep.

Ew – this totally sounds very Debbie Downer.  So here’s a picture of my dog Petie as a frenchman.


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Snow Craziness

I am SO happy that a lot of the crazy snow piles have melted.  Just as a quick recap – here are a couple pics of the snow:

This wasn’t even the peak of the snow.  My car is buried on the left.  The piles are as high as Jeremy!

This is a shot of our roof (from our backyard).  We were concerned that when the snow melted, it would take down all of those wires you see attached to my house.

So do you see where I’m going with this?  While I’m stoked about the snow melting, we were right.  Not only did the snow come crashing down from our roof – it took the wires with it:

I came home to that scene on Thursday.  The chunks of snow on the ground?  ICE.  It broke our planter and our fence!  It also tore down our gutters. 

I was relieved that our power was still working (as was our cable) so I had no frickin’ idea what these lines were.  I called BGE to report “downed wires” (thinking this would be a priority) and they never came that day.  I called the city non-emergency line (thinking this would be a City concern) and they told me that it wasn’t their job.  Thanks, Baltimore.

BGE came the next day and left a note on the wire stating it wasn’t a BGE line and that we should call our phone company.  I just want this shit fixed.  The worst part is that damage left a huge gaping hole into my dipshit neighbor’s yard.  Now they have a window by which to antagonize my dogs or throw in their underwear.  Fun fun.


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Storm of the Century?

Holy hell – I have been bombarded with news of the impending blizzard that is going to be shutting down Maryland.  For those readers not from the Maryland area… here is what the weathermen are predicting:

I went to the grocery store yesterday during my lunch break to pick up MILK! EGGS! BREAD! TOILET PAPER!  My consumption of these items skyrocket any chance a snowflake falls.

Okay not really.  I honestly needed some little things (I always have a mid-week grocery store run) and stood in line for an obscene amount of time.

I rescheduled all of the meetings I had at work today (despite everyone planning to be in the office) because I didn’t want to end up sticking around ONLY to have people tell me they are leaving early.  I’m glad I did because tons of schools shut down early today (therefore tons of parents left work early today).

So I also left work early today (especially after watching some folks in my office wheeling a COT into a conference room.  Were they really anticipating bunking at the office overnight?  I’m sorry – I do NOT work in the medical field… I’m pretty sure things will be a-okay without our presence in the office).

As I was driving, I realized that the great blizzard of Baltimore?  It is off to a SLOW start.  The snow is coming down, but nothing is sticking.  I mean – I’m glad I avoided traffic and whatnot but if there is NO crazy snowstorm this weekend, I am going to be annoyed.

However, I’ll be happy that I can go get a pedicure on Sunday.  I haven’t clipped my toenails since the idea of getting a pedi has been planted into my head.  However, things keep pushing off a good day to go with my pal and my toenails keep growing.  I know I could just cut them but the cheapskate in me refuses to cut them and THEN pay for a pedicure.  I want to get my money’s worth at the nail salon and that involves them cutting my damn toenails.

However, my nails are getting dangerously close to being deadly weapons.

TMI, I know.

Happy snow, everyone!


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Too Much Flair

I’m nearing the end of my graduate school semester (and graduate school career). Words can’t begin to describe my excitement for finally being done something I’ve regretted starting in the first place.

I know I’ve bitched about my douch-y school teammate before, but I’m going to do it again. I could easily turn this entire blog into posts relating to why this guy sucks and why people like him make me question the value of my degree from that program.

All things aside, the one thing that makes me laugh and cringe are the terrible powerpoint presentations that other students put together.  I understand that Microsoft Powerpoint gives you an array of awful template designs… but it doesn’t mean you have to use them.  Or insert MORE awful pictures.

We need to do a presentation and one of my teammates shares my affection for simple and mostly plain template designs. 

I get that its boring but at least it is a clean looking slide.  When my teammate sent it around to everyone for EDITS (to the CONTENT…), this is what douchey teammate sends back:

This slide is one of the least offensive of the over abundance of color and images… but just shows my point.  He added no new content.  He just changed the template design, fucked up all of the bullets and fonts (so their sizes and colors are inconsistent throughout) and added these lame pictures. 

And this is the same guy that told us that we need to make “sacrifices” when it comes to dedicating time to this project when he hasn’t done anything of relevance.

I just felt like bitching about it is all.


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