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5th Grade

Maybe I should try to scare the potential rats away by bringing back this awesome hair (this is me circa 1990):

You’re welcome.



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Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m not sure what prompted me to pull out my middle school yearbooks (okay, yes I do.  I was doing a little Facebook stalking and saw that a few folks had scanned in old high school pictures…).

F high school pictures.  My high school pictures are not nearly as embarrassing as my middle school pictures.  I like to call these 3 years my “really ridiculously awful and awkward” phase.  I wore gigantic clear plastic framed glasses like I was Sally Jesse Raphael (the bigger the glasses, the closer to god, right?  Or something like that).

But I couldn’t just embarrass myself.  Nope – Jeremy and I went to the same middle school.  His pictures, however, are adorable but hopefully he’ll cringe just a little…


That’s me in the 6th grade.  I hated this picture so much that I felt the need to color myself with a highlighter.  Now I look like Shrek.  It is difficult to see my tidal wave bangs hairdo and my Bum Equipment sweatshirt.


Seriously – these glasses take up most of my face.  Hot stuff.


New glasses!  What you can’t really see here is that I’m wearing a choker and a pirate ruffled shirt.  Hot stuff.  And check out my caterpillar eyebrows.  Holy hell.

And we can’t forget this gem from 8th grade:


What a terrible caption.  But can you see that I’m wearing an oversized flannel with super light jeans?  Oh the early 90’s.  That dude next to me was one of my best friends in middle school.

Awhile ago, Jeremy found one of my old notebook diaries (well – it was like a shared diary with a friend… we would write notes to each other and pass the notebook back and forth).  One of my notes was dedicated to how ugly I felt and how nobody liked me and I how felt like such a turd.  Okay, I didn’t use turd but I definitely complained about being an ugly duckling.

If I could go back in time and talk to my middle school self – I’d tell her that things were going to get better.   No really.  She’d grow out of this awkward phase fairly quickly.  I’d also introduce her to some sensible glasses and a pair of tweezers.

Now I bring you Jeremy.  He was a grade below me so I only have 2 pictures…


Adorable!  How is it possible that his class picture is not embarrassing?


Love that hair.

It still seems so weird to me that Jeremy and I went to the same middle school and never knew each other.

Want to share your embarrassing photos?


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