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Frugal Friday

Over the last few months, Jeremy and I have really been looking at our finances and trying to figure out ways to cut unnecessary expenses.  Or maybe Jeremy has always done this but I lacked any sort of fiscal responsibility until we had a baby and then I was presented with all sorts of, “holy crap – that costs WHAT?!

Some things I’ve started to do include…

      • Use coupons!  I’m nowhere near the “Extreme Couponing” madness but the fact that I’m even using coupons is a big deal. 

We do the majority of our grocery shopping at Whole Foods and they do a great job with being able to print coupons from their site.  I don’t really go above and beyond to track down additional coupons though.  Baby steps, people.

  • Not buy so much random shit for myself.  Jeremy would probably disagree but my mindless shopping (whether it be online or just a random trip to the mall) has pretty much ceased.  I still occasionally buy stuff for myself but it is nowhere near what I used to do… but I think I’ve replaced that with wanting stuff for Annmarie.  So maybe I’m not actually saving anything.

So that’s just 2 things and I realize that is nothing impressive.

Some other areas of improvement in our financial lives include:

  • Cable – do we really need it?  Jeremy is toying with the idea of dropping cable and buying a digital antennae, paying for Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus.  I’ve already mentioned the need to break up with some TV shows so I feel like this should cover us.  Has anyone done this?  Any regrets? 
  • Phone – Jeremy tried to see if we could cut our cell phone bill down but it seems we’re already doing the cheapest plan available!  It is kind of crazy what we pay for our service.  And after analyzing usage, I’ll be sending more text messages (to at least make some of my plan worthwhile).  Brace yourself, friends.
  • Dining Out– Surprisingly, we really haven’t been going out to eat much.  I don’t know if this was intentional (on Jeremy’s part) but I’ve noticed we’ve been eating at home more a lot lately.  However, this means that I’m eating more cereal for dinner.  I’m okay with that thought because I love cereal for dinner. 

    My current favorite cereal. I love you, Kashi.

  • Sewing – I’m making Annmarie’s clothes!  Okay – I totally made this last one up but I am going to start sewing things.  I MEAN IT!

How do you save money?



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