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A Weekend of Good Eatin’: Samos and Great Sage

So while I am bummed that I didn’t attend FitBloggin‘, I am happy that I got to hang out with good friends Friday night and my old college roommate on Saturday.

Friday night – I met up with Katie and Stacy (and their dudes) for dinner at Samos.  It is a delightful Greek restaurant in my neighborhood.  If you’re in the area – GO THERE!  But FYI – they only accept cash.  Another fun FYI – they are BYOB.  They charge a small fee for BYOB but its still a hell of a lot cheaper than when you order a bottle of wine from a restaurant.

Samos Restaurant - Baltimore, MD

We all split an appetizer spread of tatziki, hummus and olive tapenade.  Magic!

I ordered the Greek Pizza without any meat (so it was comprised of tomato sauce, feta, mozzarella,artichokes, onions and olives for $10.25).  I didn’t pay attention to what anyone else got but my pizza was delightful.  I used to order the vegekabob until I found out (from one of the servers) that the rice is cooked in chicken broth.  Boo! 

Anyways – I love this place.  It gets packed very quickly so I recommend going early to beat the rush or be prepared to wait awhile.  I don’t think they take reservations either.  You go in and you write your name down then wait for your party to be called.

Now onto Saturday with my old roomie…

Despite not having lived together for 8 years – she will always be my college roomie because (1) she was the ONLY college roommate I ever had and (2) we had a blast living together and have lots of crazy stories from it.


She currently lives in Silver Spring and since I live in Baltimore – we met in the middle for lunch.  It was a great opportunity for me to go to Great Sage – a marvelous organic vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Clarksville.  And lucky for me – Angie was totally game for it too.

It was also GORGEOUS out so we wanted to eat outside.  Of course the patio was packed but we decided to wait it out and got an appetizer at the bar.  And I must say, the staff at Green Sage is AWESOME.  So awesome that I am willing to make that drive again and again.

I didn’t snap any photos because well… I forgot.  so I’ll just briefly chat about what I ate:

As an appetizer, I didn’t want anything too heavy (I had a big dinner the night before) so we split the MEDITERRANEAN HUMMUS PLATE:  house-made hummus accompanied by dolmas, artichokes, kalamata olive tapenade, roasted onion, crudités and toasted naan bread. $11

For lunch, I ordered the ROASTED VEGETABLE WRAP: Roasted vegetable medley of eggplant, red onion, zucchini and sweet potato with balsamic reduction drizzle, mesclun greens and chickpea hummus in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with Kettle potato chips. $9.50

It was f’n awesome.  I was presented with a plethora of marvelous things but I really just wanted a nice light wrap and this totally hit the spot.

Angie ordered the TERIYAKI CHICKEN SANDWICH: Teriyaki glazed ‘chicken’ on toasted naan with spicy Asian sesame slaw. Served with wasabi roasted potatoes. $10

She said she really liked it and I believe her because she doesn’t lie. 

We also split the RAW CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: Extremely rich, powerful and silky smooth, made with raw cacao, Tahitian vanilla and agave nectar. (Gluten free, RAW) $7

Holy shit – I am in love with this dessert.

I realize this isn’t the best post since I don’t have any photos to accompany it but trust me – this place is awesome!  I can’t wait to go back.



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