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Pumpkin Patching

Do pumpkin patches even exist anymore?  Last year we went to a “pumpkin patch” and it was really just a farm that had some pumpkins on a table.  They offered some other kiddie activities but it wasn’t a patch like I envisioned (and perhaps my assumption stems from Charlie Brown).

This year I was determined to go to a better “patch”.  Lots of local parents recommended this particular farm so we decided to check it out this past Sunday.  And again, it was a farm with a TON of kiddie activities but their pumpkins were all in bins in a tent.  Really?  Where is a damn patch around here?

Here are some pics from the farm.  It was actually pretty cute and they definitely catered to entertaining small kids.  I’d go back but I still want to find an actual patch.

They had a mini maze and Annmarie LOVED it:
Annmarie 096
Annmarie 087

You could sort of feed goats (but they were separated by 2 layers of fence. This was probably to protect the children AND the goats. Annmarie definitely wanted to get closer.
Annmarie 111

There was a mini tractor pull thing. Jeremy rode in the cart with AM because he was sure she would just jump out of it (something she tends to do if she is “done” with something):
Annmarie 121

There were little play areas that I likened to Thunderdome. Small children are rough with each other!:
Annmarie 106

There was a slide (and it took several attempts to try to get Annmarie to realize that she couldn’t walk up the slide portion…):
Annmarie 135

And of course the obligatory insert your head into these photo op things:
Annmarie 156

Lastly – we tried to get her to pick some pumpkins. She went for ones she couldn’t lift at first:
Annmarie 165 70s

But then found one more her size…
Annmarie 167 70s

And I’ll end this pointless photo post with a rare photo of Annmarie actually participating and embracing the belly photo. This was taken on Monday. I am 28 weeks along…


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You Know When You’re a…

… Boring married couple with a baby when your idea of an amazing Valentine’s day gift is having your partner prepare all of your baby’s daycare stuff and make her dinner so that when you get home from work, you actually can relax a little.  I know that doesn’t sound like much but since Jeremy has been studying for the bar since the end of December, I’ve been pulling single parent duty.  To say I’m exhausted is an understatement.  I give a lot of credit to single parents… I don’t know how you do it.

I tried to have Annmarie walk her Valentine’s day card to Jeremy but she was not having it.  She’s been under the weather so when I handed her the card, she promptly threw it on the ground and started screaming.  

Jeremy’s card was a flirty card and mine was so not:


We didn’t exchange any gifts.  I gave Jeremy some candy bars and he took some things off  of my plate this evening.  But I did come home from work to this:

Welcome home

And that’s what being married for nearly 5 years (in April!) and having a 1 year old will do.  I wouldn’t have it any other way! Actually, I’d prefer to be home WITH Jeremy (after he’s passed the bar) but I’m happy with a low key holiday.


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Merry Christmas

I’m sitting here watching “Its a Wonderful Life” with Jeremy and Geoff.  We have a Christmas tradition of eating Indian food and watching a Christmas movie.

But I wanted to take the time to wish the blogosphere a very merry Christmas!



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Not Quite Domesticated

I’ve still been sewing like crazy (and I still have not reached out to my aunt about obtaining my Grandma’s serger) but all of the pics I’ve taken of my projects were on my old phone.  And I haven’t gotten around to uploading them to my computer.

But I swear I’ve made things like…

– New kitchen curtains
– Onesies with ties sewn on them for Annmarie’s future husband, Reid

I bought a Groupon (technically my friend bought a Groupon that was good for 2 people and I’m her other person) for a sewing class.  While I feel more and more confident when I sew something – I know I’m not doing anything properly.  I worry that a lot of my stuff will fall apart in the wash.  And I’m sure there are better ways of doing things than I am currently doing because sometimes it takes me for f’n ever to do simple things like hem something.


My father-in-law accused me of becoming domesticated.  I don’t know if I’d go that far.  I like to think I’m becoming more creative?  Crafty?  Awesome?  I still don’t cook a lot and I’ve pretty much given up on baking anything because the process is too damn frustrating.  And I blame that all on blogs.  Bloggers post fabulous pictures of their baked creations.  My stuff looks like someone pooped out a cookie.

This week my office did a dessert exchange.  I thought this was a great opportunity to bake something fun and festive.  And I wanted some sugar cookies after seeing this.  I have this jar of cookie cutters that I’ve never used (but of course I had to have it and really thought that I’d be baking up a bunch of cookies shaped like cutesy things).  I should have taken a picture of the amount of dust that had collected on this jar (since it sat on top of our kitchen cabinets).  I had to wipe it off with a damp cloth.  Gross.

So anyways – I wanted to make Christmas sugar cookies (with colored icing and all).

I regretted that decision the night I started rolling the dough out because holy hell… what a pain in the ass.  And for such little output.  That recipe yielded 19 full cut out cookies (with dough leftover to make a plain round cookie and 3 letter cookies:

And not to mention that they appeared to be decorated by a child.  But they tasted pretty f’n good, thankyouverymuch.

My nice co-workers thought they were “charming” and said they appreciated that they were home-made.  Riiiiiight.

Also?  Pinterest will be the death of me.  I’ve already pinned a shitload of DIY Christmas decorations as thought I have time, patience and SPACE for any of it.


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Holiday Gifts Conundrum

Since I’m feeling more festive this year, I’m definitely excited about the idea of buying presents. Actually, I’m only excited about buying presents for children. Jeremy and I are kind of feeling “meh” about exchanging gifts. We set a budget and I have a feeling it will be unexciting stuff. And I’m okay with that.

However, I’m having difficulty coming up with gifts for the children in our lives. Not only do we have the most adorable baby girl in the world to shop for (although she’s too little to give a crap), we have a nephew who is 2 weeks older than Annmarie and another nephew that is almost 4 years old.

What the hell do we buy them?

I’ve polled the parents in my office about some good gifts for the nephews. The 11 month old doesn’t need clothes or much since a lot of his stuff has been handed down from his big brother. And apparently 4 year old big brother isn’t asking for anything this year! I’m dying for ideas.

Then there’s our family… moms, dads, sister, brother… All people saying that they don’t need anything. Help!

While I think we’ll end up going the “grandparents” gift route for my parents (since AM is their first) – my sister-in-law cornered the grandparent market with my in-laws. Dangit!

As for our amazing daughter, we’re not sure what to do. I had been saying for quite some time that she needed some winter clothes but I went overboard around Black Friday. Annmarie is pretty well stocked for the winter.

We don’t want to get any large toys (and are hoping our families don’t get anything crazy… I worry what my parents might do) because we live in such a small home. Plus – she’s a baby and that means her favorite toys are:

– Remote controls
– cell phones
– paper
– the refrigerator. Seriously – she loves playing in the fridge:

What are you getting your family for the holidays this year?


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Fa La La La Friday (Decking the Halls… sort of)

I know everyone says it and it is usually the first “small talk” thing people say but seriously… can you believe that it is December alreadY?  What.the.f?  November was kind of a crap month for me (dead grandpa, hospitalized dad, getting the plague…) so I’m not sorry that its over but what the hell, December?  You’re here much too quickly.

While I usually enjoy putting up a (fake) tree and decorating a bit, we really don’t do much otherwise.

I think having a baby now has made me feel a bit more festive.  I really wanted to get a real tree this year (after years of poo-pooing it).  And wouldn’t you know, this is the first year that Jeremy pooped all over it.  He actually made a good point about how AM loves to pull stuff down and warned that we should look to get a table top tree.

So that’s what we did.  We got a real table top tree so we both win.  Compromise.

Sorry for the crap quality of the photo – I took it with my phone this morning.  Because this tree is much smaller than what we normally have, I pared the ornaments down to only those “meaningful” ones (with a few snowflake filler ornaments).  The meaningful ones include personalized ornaments and those from places we’ve traveled.  And look – we put it next to a poinsettia!  So festive, I know.

Then there are stockings.  This isn’t anything fancy.  I bought some cheap-o stockings a few years ago along with some glittery puffy paint.  But let’s not ignore that amazingly handcrafted beauty sitting in the middle.  🙂

Are you wondering why we have 5 stockings?  It is because we have stockings for our dogs.  Yes, they get stockings (despite not giving a crap about the holiday).

As for the outdoors.  We usually just put a wreath on our door.  But we now have a neighbor that has been doing elaborate window displays for holidays (including Thanksgiving – he had a THANKSGIVING window display.  I didn’t know such things existed).  He’s kind of inspired me to step up our game so this is what I did to the window:


I get that it isn’t very exciting but it is more than we’ve ever done before!

Here’s a closer look at the window:

It you still can’t tell (due to a phone that has endured lots of slobber from a baby) – we have some cheap snowflake lights strung across the top and red ornaments hanging at different lengths on string.  I think it looks like a storefront display… of a very cheap store.

I still want to do more inside the house but I’m drawing a blank.  I don’t want to poke holes in the wall so I’m really limited in what I can do.  How do you decorate?


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Whimsy Wednesday (That’s Right – I Actually MADE Something)

Hold on to your seats, folks… I actually have something craft related to blog about today.  Not only is it craft related, but it is SEWING related.  Are you choking? 

I actually called one of my friends and told her that I had HUGE news for her and that she needed to sit down to hear it.  And then I told her that I sewed something.  I think she thought I was calling to tell her I was dying.  Although I was sort of dying… dying of amazement.

For those of you that don’t know – I’ve been seriously procrastinating on starting this hobby.

I received the sewing machine for my birthday… IN JULY.  I promptly took the sewing machine out of the box because I knew if I didn’t, I would NEVER touch it.

I bought fabric, thread and other small sewing accessories in August to start my “make a KitchenAid Stand Mixer cover” project.

I sewed something on Sunday night… in November.  Yeah.

I did a lot of oohing and aahing at everyone else’s projects.  I joined Pinterest and started pinning “sewing inspirations”.  I looked up sewing classes.  I messaged friends that had sewn something and asked HOW… HOW did they get started? 

Honestly, I have no idea what triggered me to actually pull the sewing machine out and start using it on Sunday but once I started, I was on a roll.

And that basically means I didn’t take any pictures.  (cue sad trombone)

I spent the majority of the time going, “Oh my god, I’m sewing!  I’m seeeewwwwwiiiiinnng!

Project 1 – Christmas stocking for Annmarie. 

I don’t remember if this was my idea or Jeremy’s suggestion.  But Jeremy suggested that I make AM’s stocking from her baby blankets.

Side note – people will tell you various things that you MUST HAVE when you’re expecting a child.  Everyone’s opinions are different.  I apparently am friends with a lot of people that felt blankets were a must.  I have so many blankets.  You could even say that I have a plethora of blankets.  So even though I hate the idea of cutting up baby clothing to sew something, blankets were something we could spare.

I looked up some DIY Christmas stockings and came across this tutorial.

I liked the idea of having a liner fabric that is displayed when you cuff the stocking down.  But I’ll admit it took me a few reads to grasp the concept of how to attach the liner correctly.  Even Jeremy didn’t get it (and he’s usually the one that “gets it” for everything… except for when I expect presents. Like a push present.  I’m still waiting. And I don’t think push presents are like wedding presents where you have a year to give said present.)

So here’s the end product:

There are a ton of mistakes (and the most obvious one being that I sewed the liner in the wrong direction.  And to be honest, I wasn’t paying attention to direction when I cut the pattern but if I had, I would have made sure the butterflies appeared right side up when cuffed over).

Project 2 – KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cover

I’ve been wanting to cover our mixer for quite some time since it goes mostly unused and its placement in the kitchen leaves it open to splatter from food and whatnot.

I found this tutorial.

I sort of winged it though.  I didn’t have piping and I didn’t think I needed to mess with bias tape since I didn’t even understand what it was in the first place.

Also – that pattern?  I totally winged it.  I mean, I drew something out on a sheet of newspaper based on some loose measurements I took of the mixer and then cut.  But I didn’t really ensure the lines of the fabric were straight and this was something that would bite me in the ass later.

And because I was still SO pumped that I was sewing, I didn’t take any step by step photos.  So here’s the end product:

Now this is riddled with mistakes but the biggest mistake is that it is lop-sided.  You can’t tell in this picture but if you lay the cover flat, it is quite apparent that it is crooked.  Actually, if you look at it on the mixer, you can see that it is crooked.  But for winging it and for it being my 2nd sewing project since 6th grade – I’m still pretty happy with it.

Now I’ve caught the sewing bug!  Pillow covers are next!

And just because…


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