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Goodbye, Petie

Last week, we did one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. We had Petie, our beloved 16 year old dachshund, euthanized. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur (and other heart issues) and a collapsing trachea in the summer of 2011 and had been slowly declining since then.

Prior to our move out of Baltimore, Petie started to have chronic diarrhea (that we couldn’t get a clear diagnosis on). He started to lose weight. He went from a healthy and active 12 lb dog to a frail 8 lb dog that could barely stand because he was so weak. He had cataracts in both eyes (so couldn’t see anything). He just wasn’t Petie anymore.

So on Friday, January 4th we said goodbye to our friend. I’ve never done anything like this before and I am still shocked by how upset I am over the whole thing. I can’t talk about it without tearing up or crying. I was trying to put things into perspective (I mean… my DAD died 6 months ago) but this is just such a different experience.

Annmarie keeps saying, “Petie bye bye?” and “We see soon?” every day. And it breaks my heart a little bit.

Emily, Petie’s faithful sidekick for the last 11 years, seems to be doing okay. We’ve been spoiling the crap out of her (err… I have been spoiling the crap out of her with food and I recognize that we’re just going to end up with a really fat dog).

Goodbye, Petie. You were a great dog.

Petie at the Outer Banks in 2008

From Outer Banks
From Outer Banks

Petie at the Outer Banks in 2009:
beach 168

Meeting Annmarie for the first time in 2011:
The new family

Petie on January 2, 2013:



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Old Petie (An Update on My Furry Child)

I didn’t mean to leave people hanging last week with the news of Petie and his poor health. After Jeremy picked him up Thursday evening, he was told that we wouldn’t get the results for a few days (apparently they needed time to analyze the ultrasound).

His cough seems to have subsided (yippee!) and he doesn’t seem as weak as he did previously. Apparently one of the medications the vet prescribed left our little buddy quite drowsy.

The vet called last night with good news. Petie is fine. His heart murmur is in line with his age. The cough had nothing to do with his heart (that’s the good news) and overall, he seemed fine. The vet mentioned that she wanted to do a yearly ultrasound on his heart just to monitor his murmur.

We’ll still walk him (because we know he loves exploring the great outdoors) but know that our walks will have to be MUCH shorter. I’m really considering getting Petie his own stroller. Strange looks be damned!

As for the vet costs – getting an x-ray and ultrasound were considerably less than I thought. It was less than $1k (about $700-800). While that is still a lot of money (especially when it is an unexpected cost) – it is much less than when we had to get his teeth pulled. Oy – the teeth. I still can’t get over that one.

Back to this recent health scare – it made me realize what a crappy dog owner I’ve been to Petie and Emily. A friend had warned me that after a baby comes, despite how much I might love my pets – I will view them as a burden. I thought she was crazy but holy hell, she was right. During the first 2 months, I was just so tired and the idea of having to cater to the dogs who were obviously not used to this tiny crying human was wreaking havoc on my nerves. And the dogs definitely let us know that they weren’t happy with us… by peeing in our bed. Twice. And on the couch.

Jeremy’s been great with the dogs and while I try to show them more affection, Annmarie definitely wins when it comes to my attention. But this past weekend, I found myself letting Petie lick my leg FOREVER (something I normally hate because his breath smells like poop). I also let him lick Annmarie more than usual.

So now I bring you what I think are some of the cutest pictures to date of Annmarie with Petie…

Oh hey Petie – how’s it going?
Annmarie & Petie

Mom, is it okay for him to lick my feet?
Annmarie & Petie

Ooh, your fur is soft.
Annmarie & Petie

I bet you taste good too.
Annmarie & Petie

Whoa – I was trying to eat you, not get you to lick my face.
Annmarie & Petie

Mooooom… get him to stop.
Annmarie & Petie

I’m assuming Petie thought, “this is awesome!” the entire time.


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Poor Petie (My furry child)

So on top of feeling like a total crap mom the other week, we got some bad news a few days later about our other child… the one covered in fur. Actually – we have 2 of those (Petie & Emily) but we got news on Petie.

Since I returned to work, we hadn’t been walking the dogs much. With a somewhat early-ish bedtime established, it was tough to go for a walk after work with the dogs like we used to (pre-baby).

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that we should walk the dogs early in the morning on the weekends. Jeremy and I typically run in the morning (we switch who runs on what day… we haven’t taken Annmarie out in the jogging stroller for an actual jog yet). After our runs, we would take the dogs for a walk. The dogs seemed happy.

Last week, Petie developed a terrible cough after a walk. We had assumed that he had maybe eaten something and it got caught in his throat. The coughing persisted all day and through the night.

Jeremy took Petie to the vet the next morning.

The vet said that coughs are usually associated with the heart and given Petie’s age (he’s 14!), that it was likely the case. She listened to his heart and said he had a terrible murmur.

She did an x-ray on Petie and also discovered that his trachea is collapsing! That is the cause of his coughs. She didn’t seem to indicate that it would collapse completely and that this could be tied to his old age.

But the heart and trachea? She attributed it to “overexertion”. So those long walks that we thought he was enjoying? Yeah – apparently we were doing more harm than good.

Petie is at the vet’s office today getting an ultrasound on his heart. I am really hoping for some good news because Petie has definitely lost the pep in his step this past week and it is a sad sight.

I usually chuckle when I see dog owners pushing their dogs in strollers but you know what? I will totally be that owner.  I’m not ready to say goodbye to Petie and I don’t think he’d be happy being confined in the house 24/7.

So anywho – here’s a little photo post of Petie just because I’m feeling sentimental…


Scoping for cats
Petie scoping for cats

Barking at the TV
Petie watching TV

Bored at home
Petie is bored

Snuggling under a blanket with his best buddy
Dog love

I’ll just call this series of photos “Petie loves to lick Annmarie”
Crabby Bottom
Everyone is a model
Petie is bold
Petie saying hi
Annmarie 143
Annmarie 132

Aw, buddy… I hope you’re okay.


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Earthquakes and Why I Sometimes Think I’d be a Bad Mom

So apparently there was an earthquake in Maryland this morning.  I didn’t even notice.  The earthquake occurred at 5:04am.

I normally wake up at 5:15am every weekday morning (and yes, you read that correctly so hopefully this helps shed some light as to why I go to bed so early… or eat dinner at 5pm like a senior citizen) but this morning I woke up at 5:05am.  I was really irritated too because hello?  That was 10 more minutes of sleep I could have gotten but now I can’t really fall back asleep because I know my alarm will go off.

I didn’t hear or feel any shaking/rattling of the house but apparently Jeremy did.  I think that the earthquake probably woke me up but obviously not until after the fact.  I wonder if I’d be aware of a fire in my house before it reached my bedroom.  Would the smoke wake me?  Yikes.

In other “I slept through an earthquake” news – my dog, Petie, was apparently very sick last night.  Here is where I think I’d make a bad mom.  He hopped out of bed around 1am this morning.  I thought he was just hot but I heard him pacing the floor.  I got up and put him back in bed and he jumped back out again.  I’ve been exhausted lately and since I had a big meeting at work, I asked Jeremy to take Petie outside.

Apparently Petie had peed on the bedroom carpet, had diarrhea (outside) and puked.  I didn’t even realize the poor guy was in distress.  😦 

The day can only get better, right?

Are you a light sleeper?


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91 Years Young

The evening is almost over and as I gazed lovingly into my dog Petie’s eyes while he tried to lick my face… I remembered that today is his birthday!

Petie is officially 13.  That translates to 91 HUMAN years. 

Holy hell!

He still acts like a puppy although we’ve noticed him hesitating to run up the flight of stairs… and don’t even get me started on thinking of him getting really old because I just can’t deal with the thought of THAT.

So here are some random pictures I pulled from my phone.  If anyone were to ever steal my phone, they’d see a bajillion pictures of food and my dogs. 

A picture of my dog, Petie

Petie gets bored when we play on the computer.

A picture of my dog, Petie, watching television

Petie loves to watch TV

A blurry photo of my dog, Petie

It is really difficult to get Petie to sit still especially if he sees an animal on TV

A picture of my dog, Petie, sleeping

Petie and Emily love to curl up around us in bed. While it can be super cute, it can get ridiculously hot and they do not hesitate to shove you our of their way.

Happy birthday, Petie!


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Petie – Male Model

Although Black Friday shopping was a bust, I did score this pretty sweet item:

Petie got a job as a model

What the hell? My dog is the spokesmodel for dog Snuggies! Maybe he needed the cash to buy Christmas presents this year. Seriously – look at the resemblance. It’s uncanny.

Petie and his snazzy neckerchief

As if the fact that it looks like Petie is modeling an oh so plush Snuggie wasn’t enough to make me buy it, the back of the box brilliantly markets the Snuggie as something that only the smartest and most laid back dogs wear:

Only the best dogs wear Snuggies

Your dog will watch TV and control the remote!
Your dog will be able to play a rousing game of backgammon!

How could you NOT want to buy the dog Snuggie?


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Gratuitous Cute Dog Pictures

After we picked the dogs up from the vet last week – the office had adorned them with super cute Halloween neckerchiefs.  Love it!



Now if only I could decide what I want to be on Halloween (something that doesn’t involve slutty anything).


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