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If She Wants It… (Mommy Monday)

Annmarie seems like she is THISCLOSE to crawling.  I know I’ve been saying it for weeks now but she really does seem close this time.  There were a few moments over the weekend that Jeremy and I thought we were about to witness Annmarie take off crawling… only to have her flop down on her belly.

But even so, we have figured out that if she wants something – she has figured out how to get it.  The idea of putting toys just out of reach from her so that she’ll try to crawl towards them doesn’t matter.  She simply rotates her body (this she has figured out how to do on her hands and knees – she picks up her hands and rotates her body!) and then rolls on the ground to the object.  Or she’s figured out how to push off of things with her legs to put her within arms reach of the desired object.

Right now her desired object has been the pacifier.  She was off the pacifier for awhile but now its her best friend.  I suspect it has to do with her teething. She has 4 teeth coming in right now!  She’s been a bit of a sourpuss lately because of it.

Back to her determination to grab things though.  We have an exersaucer that allows her to walk around a bit.  A part of it is supposed to stay stationary but allow her to walk around in a circle.  We have this in the kitchen and I set it up when I’m prepping food or cleaning her bottles.

Lately – she has figured out that she can move the entire exersaucer if she just pushed forward really hard.  What this means is that I have to stay on top of her so that she doesn’t open drawers or pull down pots and pans.  You really have no idea how NOT babyproof your house is until you have a somewhat mobile baby on your hands.

But the one thing she absolutely loves doing is pulling down the towels that are hanging off of various appliances (dishwasher and oven).  I tried to take a pic with my phone but it is very blurry but you can see her trail of towels.  She pulls them down, chews on them (she’s chewing on one in the picture), waves them about and then drops them on the floor as she moves on to the next one.
Pulling down towels

I’ll end this post with a cute picture of Annmarie:
Annmarie in sunflowers

We visited a sunflower field over the weekend.  My friend, Myriam, gave me the scoop on this field after I admired her great shots from a maternity session.  For anyone in Maryland that wants to check out the field – it is in Jarrettsville, MD.   (Clear Meadow Farm)

Anywho – I’m sharing this one picture (instead of the 100 that we took… but if you want to see them, you can see the album here is because I’m balancing Annmarie on my head.  I really wanted a picture of just her surrounded by sunflowers so I did what any mom would do… I improvised and balanced my dear 23 lb baby on my head.  You can still see my hands but only if you’re looking!
Annmarie 152

Okay and I really wanted a close up of her admiring the flower.  We didn’t realize there was a bee on the flower and after Annmarie grabbed the flower and agitated the bee – we took off running.  We didn’t want to find out if she was allergic to bees.

Annmarie 096

I’m just sharing this because I think its cute.


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Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday

I’ve seen “Wordless Wednesday” posts on lots of blogs in the past where the blogger just posted some great picture and left it at that. Well I am incapable of not writing something so this is Wordy Wednesday (but I promise to not make it TOO wordy).

And I couldn’t pick just 1 picture for today’s post…


Yes, that is my breastpump. Yes, that is breastmilk in those bottles. And yes, I totally staged this photo after I pumped in the “Mother’s Room” this morning for the purpose of blogging.

One of my manager’s just had a baby (well his wife just had a baby). This morning was spent talking about breastfeeding. The weird part? I was talking about it with 3 men. 3 men whose wives all breastfed so they were well aware of the challenges.

Anywho – this is turning somewhat into a mom post but it is funny how the challenges of breastfeeding seem like such a distant memory because it is so frickin’ easy now. I’d breastfeed in public with no issue if I thought Annmarie wouldn’t be so distracted. I’ve tried to feed her publicly under one of those nursing covers and she HATES IT.

I have breastfed Annmarie at home, at other people’s homes, in a parked car, in a dressing room at the mall and in an office at work. It just feels so easy these days. But I vaguely remember a time where it was AWFUL. The pain, oh the pain.


This was a view from my run on saturday. I’m still running. Reading MonsteRawr’s first experience with a half marathon has made me want to try running a 1/2. But I don’t know if I can commit the training time to do it.


I love when my neighbors hang their laundry out to dry. The best days are when they are drying nothing but their underwear but seeing even just this one pair of briefs made me laugh.

And please don’t judge the massive hole in my fence. We’ve been meaning to fix that for nearly 2 years. 🙂

Btw – if you can’t tell, I’ve fallen in love with the Android app myTubo.

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I May Be Biased (but my baby is pretty damn cute)

Finally – a mostly picture post!  I’m sure you’re all tired of reading my dribble. 

If you recall, we had the wonderful opportunity to have maternity photos taken with the awesomely talented Maria Vicencio.  Well – we couldn’t NOT have them also take our first official family photos.  I don’t know if I’ve said it enough – HIRE THEM. 

She sent us the photos over the weekend and I am over the moon.  I’m sure every parent says their child is the cutest, but I think these photos PROVE that my baby is the cutest little girl on the planet!  🙂  (and I’m sure I’m not biased at all… hahaha)

There are more that I absolutely love but I didn’t want to post all 80+ pictures.  And now I can say I finally have some pictures of ME and the baby!  This seems to be a trend amongst moms.  We tend to be the ones with the camera so there are always a ton of pictures of dads and babies… but not so much with mom.


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Maternity Picture Fun

We were flattered when our friend, Traci, asked if we would shoot maternity pictures of her.  We never bill ourselves as professionals or even close – in fact, I consider myself a photography enthusiast with a lot to learn!

Traci liked the photos we did of Kt & Ian back in June and had faith in our skills.  One of the exciting things about Traci’s pregnancy is that she is almost exactly 3 weeks ahead of me!  It is fun to be able to chat about pregnancy stuff with another first-timer.

We had a great time taking these photos and with Traci’s permission, I’m posting a few of my favorites.

We took these photos at Latrobe Park in Locust Point (a neighborhood in Baltimore) as well as some in the future nursery (they’re having a boy!). 

Mike & Traci Maternity 082

Mike & Traci Maternity bench

Mike & Traci Maternity 079

Mike & Traci Maternity 100

Mike & Traci Maternity 126

Mike & Traci Maternity 177 2 B&W

Mike & Traci Maternity 526 b&w

Mike & Traci Maternity 653 2

Mike & Traci Maternity 604 2

Mike & Traci Maternity sophie portrait

Traci reads this blog so go ahead and tell her what a gorgeous pregnant gal she is!  And isn’t her dog, Sophie, adorable too?

Also – I’m pandering for votes people.  Apparently I’m up for a Mobbie (it is a local paper thing) for best personal Twitter feed.  While I am in no way as clever or funny as some of the top contenders, I’m too close to the top 20 to NOT pander!  So please vote for me… charmcitykim for Best Twitter Feed – personal!


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Fun with Maternity Pictures

Our very good friends Ian & Katie are having a baby any day now.  I offered to snap some maternity pictures for them before the big day and was delighted that they accepted — mostly because I am by no means a professional.  I just have a DSLR camera and like to pretend I’m good at it.  The same goes for Jeremy (although I hate to admit that he usually ends up with THE perfect shot amongst a set of 100).

We shot the pictures at the end of June on a beautiful day in Baltimore.  We’re still going through them and editing as necessary (one day I’ll actually learn the proper lighting and camera settings needed for the perfect shot) but I wanted to share a few of the ones that I absolutely adored.

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1584

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1381

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1640

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1497

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1480


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