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My Not Fun Registering Experience

I remember registering for my wedding a few years ago and it was fun.  A lot of fun.  At one place, we even got to enjoy champagne while registering.

Registering for your first baby at a baby superstore (Babies R Us) is the opposite of fun.  It sucks.  It sucks balls.

Unfortunately for us, Babies R Us is the only big baby retailer near us.  I loathe this store.  The tons of baby showers I’ve attended and my experience in picking up a shower present have made me hate Babies R Us.  There is JUST SO MUCH STUFF and I feel like it is everywhere. 

However, while we had a small window of free time between Jeremy’s studies, our house work and whatever else we’ll be doing over the next couple of weekends to get our house in shape – I wanted to register.  I figured the process would take under an hour.

We arrived at BRU around 7pm on a Saturday night.  Yes, this is how we spent our Saturday evening.  Don’t be jealous.  We had just purchased a BOB Revolution stroller from REI (they were having a 15% BOB strollers sale and I had given up on trying to find a used one on Craigslist.  Seriously – those things are like GOLD on there.  I contacted a women like 25 minutes after she posted her Bob stroller and someone had already reached out to her!  Crazy.  But I digress…).

I was surprised to see 2 couples ahead of us chatting with the employee manning the registration desk.  Seriously?  It is a Saturday night.  We waited for about 10 minutes and then it was our turn.  The employee was super nice but I think BRU is running a scheme on parents-to-be.  They hand you a “checklist” of must-have baby items and it is INSANE.

There are items on there that you will not be needing for a few months, maybe even a year.  I live in a shoebox!  My space is limited and precious.

Jeremy and I approached registering with the “less is more” approach.  We just wanted the basics.  We weren’t going to be dazzled by the crap.  But holy fuck – when you walk up and down the aisles, it is hard to keep your thoughts straight.

How many receiving blankets do you need?  How many crib sheets?  What about bottles?  Everyone registers for those Sleep Sacks so clearly we need one.  Or two?  I don’t know!  And swaddle stuff.  What swing is worth it?  What playpen?  AAAAHHHHHH!  I almost had a breakdown a few times.

Still – I thought we did a decent job.  We turned in our registry gun at the same time as another girl (whose family seriously smelled like they had been chain smoking for the last 20 years in a broken down car or something… I could smell them a few aisles over and always had to walk away). 

The registry employee looked as us and said, “you have 84 items” and then looked at the other girl and said, “wow – you guys have 165 items!”  Who needs 165 things?!

I’ve since gone back through our registry to add some things and change some things based on reviews in Baby Bargains, online and through friends.

We don’t have a “theme” to the nursery.  And while we know we’re having a baby girl – we both tend to be drawn to the neutral stuff… or the blue stuff.  Can I just say that I hate that blue = boy.  I like blue.  Last I checked, I had a vagina. 

If I had to do this all over again, I don’t know how I’d do it differently.  I think, as a store, I’d offer treats to the pregnant ladies to make their experience more enjoyable.  Instead I was offered printed cards that I could hand out to friends & family indicating where I registered.  Really, BRU?  While I guffawed at that, the couple ahead of us asked for 15 sheets (there were 16 cards per sheet).  WTF?  I need friends like that.  But seriously – that seems a bit douchey, no?  Handing out a bunch of cards to your friends & family and saying, “here – buy me stuff… but this time I won’t be paying for a large catered party with an open bar”.

I also registered on Amazon.com as well because they carried some stuff that I love but that was not available at BRU.  Online registering is awesome but I know the chances of getting a gift via Amazon are pretty slim.  However, I use Amazon wish lists to keep track of things I read about that I want to check out later.  My wish list is full of books and music.  Anywho…

For any parents out there – any “must have” items that you suggest I should add?  Any nonsense items that most rookies as for (and receive) but never use?



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