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Bleeding Heart

This weekend has been absolutely crazy for me.  I usually take at least one day to relax and “recharge” but life wasn’t having any of that this weekend. 

It started with a terribly boring law school event for Jeremy (although I really enjoyed meeting his law school pals) Friday night.  Then yesterday I had 3 different parties to attend and all for people I really like so I couldn’t NOT go.   Somewhere in there I was supposed to bake cupcakes but that never happened.

And today?  Today I was cramming everything I’d normally spread out into one day (grocery shopping, laundry, etc) as well as homework AND work work (don’t you hate taking work home with you?).  But again – life wasn’t cooperating because Jeremy and I opened the door to find this little guy:

Maybe the universe was bringing me a cat because I had said the other day that one day, I’d really like a cat named Gargamel (yeah yeah I know he wasn’t a cat but it is a super cool name from a super cool show).  While this cat doesn’t look like a Gargamel, I would have been happy with Azrael. 

This cat was super sweet.  It was clearly NOT an alley cat but it didn’t have any tags and she broke my little heart.  I really wanted to keep her but Petie and Emily were not pleased by my decision.

We thought that perhaps the owner would show up but after a few hours, she was still near our house.  We even walked around asking folks if they knew whose cat she was.  Nothing.

We brought her inside when we came home after grocery shopping to some neighborhood kids roughly playing with her.  Oh hell to the no.

 However, our dogs freaked out so we dropped her off at the Baltimore Animal Shelter.  While I know we did the right thing, I can’t help but feel a little sad about losing little Azrael.



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